At the edges of infinity.

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…What’s all about this poetic title?

The title of my thesis was: “At the edges of infinity” and the reasoning from which the project was inspired: infinity within boundaries.

    Digital designers construct new realities, they computationally grow forms into the virtuality continuum, delving into that edless 3d-dreaming. The very nature of digital design is interwoven with infinity. The very nature of algorithmic design has to do with infinity. Each design  algorithm is a potential library of infinite potential structures. By creating a script, its theoretically infinite expressions are created.So every design is a fragment of an infinite dream. But is that 3d-dreaming really infinite? The concept of infinite is interwoven with the lack of boundaries. But are there any boundaries?Of course there are.
    Science confirms that what we can get to know begins where our senses begin and ends where our senses stop, as sensory perception is only a partial and selective representation of the material world. So, what seems infinite in reality will always be confined within the limits that our senses set upon us.So we can only 3d-dream till we enter the edges of this digital  infinity.

“There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception.”- Aldous Huxley