Cube’s turn…

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–Vertical Edge Loops
select myObject
max modify mode
subObjectLevel =2
–Select edges as u want
sel=for e in myObject.selectedEdges collect e.index
for i=1 to sel.count do
myObject.EditablePoly.SetSelection #Edge #{sel[i]}
myObject.EditablePoly.SelectEdgeLoop ()
VertLoops[i]=for o in myObject.selectedEdges collect o.index
VertLoops=for i = 1 to VertLoops.count where VertLoops[i]!=undefined collect VertLoops[i]


Its been a while since I was experimenting on generativelly transforming spheres on particle flows….I have just started experimenting with the cube. I am trying to write a script able to transform a cube & as usual i have started to create lists of the edges…the main challenge is to solve the never-ending problem with max the one that the enumeration of faces and vertices are constantly changing while increasing the generations & adding new faces….this time i hope i will come up with a better solution…..I am on it.