| AT THE EDGES OF INFINITY |  Generative Design via maxscript

The project was created during my Master’s thesis at ADITAD (AUTh) / 2019.Design method overview: Algorithmic procedures combined with swarm techniques (particle flows). The programming language used was  maxscript through 3dsmax software. Concerning the final models, over 40 models have been constructed via 3d-printing technique. 

In the processes of generative design  a mathematical tale  is  the one that always hides  behind, updates and organize design.  It is information organized in forms. We travel within to engage process, working in the crossover between art and science, to a place of number, algorithms and patterns, the very roots of order. In an effort to design the design of design, the project is transformed into process.  A generative system moves the focus from  static models into a computational  logic to a coding of the design intent. Morhogenesis causes an organism to develop its shape , the process controls the organized  spatial distribution  of cells during  embryonic development  of an organism.  Digital morphogenesis idea reflects  the cellular aspect of nature.  Through a morphogenetic parallel  and a “gene-toolkit” idea different forms  can be explored using a core algorithm.