Imaginary Spaces & Generative Design 

Render Series

AVIA||NOIA Imaginary Spaces series is a collection of renderings. The point of departure is the processes of digital morphogenesis used to generate emerging architecture as an abstraction of nature’s generative processes and strategies. In the realm of code, we find a kind of non-locality an independence of reality’s space and time. The essence is that of non-fully integrated structures into the digital environment but rather environment acts like a host, a museum of assertive structures. Algorithmic code is good for creating complex geometries with small amounts of data, blurring structural and ornamental dimensions, examining new spatial experiences and sensations.

Softwares used: 3dsMax [MentalRay,maxscript]  & Rhino3d [Grasshopper]

A cave..Designed using as building block the crystal structure of a protein.

Wave Wall

Walls of Blue

Fragmented Mirror Wall


A kind of romantisism…

Fibonacci Iceberg

To be continued…